Terms and Conditions

In any physical activity, risk of serious physical injury is possible. The training within Move Together Yoga is no substitute for medical diagnosis and/or treatment. The student assumes the risk of yoga or other activity and releases the teacher(s) and Cora Kellerman and Move Together Yoga from any liability claims.

Yoga classes, health programs, workshops, events and/or other wellness, body work, therapy, exercise and healing arts activities (offered by Cora Kellerman and Move Together Yoga) are collectively recognized as “Activities”. The Activities may be offered in a physical location or offered online by videos, television, podcasts, apps or other digital media or platforms. All of such offerings, either physical or online, shall be considered “Activities.”

The student is aware of the physical risks involved with the Activities and understands it is their personal responsibility to consult with their doctor regarding my participation. The student confirms to have no medical conditions that they are aware of, which would prevent them from taking part in the Activities. The student assumes responsibility for any risk, aggravation or injury may be sustained as a result of participation. The student understands that it is their responsibility to find a pace that suits them. 

If the student is pregnant or become pregnant or is post­natal, their consent to this waiver verifies that they are participating in the Activities with their doctor’s full approval. The student realizes that they are participating in the Activities at their own risk.

The student hereby understands that Cora Kellerman and Move Together Yoga from time to time may photograph, video, or otherwise record Activities and place such photographs and videos on its Website or social media platform. The student hereby gives consent to the use of these images that may appear in any such photograph or video.

The student acknowledges and understands that Cora Kellerman and Move Together Yoga have the right to cancel memberships, unenroll in courses, refuse service, and/or disengage/block the student on any media platform at any time.

The student acknowledges that they have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents.

The student agrees to the terms and conditions stated above.