Corporate Wellness

Are you looking for a customized and empowering Employee wellness program to improve your company culture?

Do you value your employee’s physical & mental health and want to give them tools & resources NOW?

Are you ready to work with a Coach who educates on strength, mobility, awareness, and flow? – and who facilitates confidence, connection and strong collaboration?

A Move Together Yoga Corporate Wellness Program might be just what you’re after!

The EMPOWERED EMPLOYEE Membership Program

(Small businesses 5-30 Employees)

What: I work with small businesses (5-30 employees) who want an accessible & cost effective solution for improving their Employees Mental & Physical Health, and the overall WELLNESS of their team! When 5+ employees join the 6 Month “EMPOWERED EMPLOYEE” Membership Program they will receive all of the perks of an Individual Level 3 Monthly Membership, as well as group sessions to reinforce the strength that resides within an aligned and supportive community!

Included in the 6 Month EMPOWERED EMPLOYEE Membership Program:

(When 5+ employees sign up)

+6 Semi-Private LIVE Virtual Flow Sessions with me!

+Full Access to On Demand Class Library

+Weekly Class Calendar for suggested classes

+Access to Multiple 14-Day “Class Challenges”

+Printable “10 Tips to Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster” PDF Guide

+Printable “Magnetic Mindset Journal” – to keep your employees intentional and forward moving!

+1-1 guidance for any movement progressions/regressions!

Cost: The 6 Month EMPOWERED EMPLOYEE Membership Program is $30 per month per person / must have a minimum of 5 people sign up

How to Sign Your Group Up: Recruit your 5+ Employees, and confirm their 6 month commitment. Then contact me for a coordinated sign up and program launch!

Expected ROI: You can expect your employees to have more energy, more creativity, more confidence, and more efficiency! Because when we FEEL GOOD, we have more capacity to DO GOOD!


(Midsize to Large Companies 30-400+ Employees)

What: I work with mid size to larger businesses (30-400+ employees) who want a virtual and/or on-site LIVE solution to improve the overall wellness of their team! The 6 Month “WELLTHY TEAM” Program is curated specifically for your company and its goals, while placing a heavy emphasis on longevity and collaboration! 

Included in the 6 Month WELLTHY TEAM Program:

+12 Customized Group Sessions – for Your Employees Only! 

With options to focus on:

  • Flexibility & Mobility 
  • Yin Yoga & Stress Management 
  • Functional Strength & Resiliency 
  • FLOW & Mind-Body Connection 

+You also have the option to secure the 6 Month “Empowered Employee” Membership Program at 20% Discount (when 5+ employees sign up!) 

Additional WELLTHY TEAM Services (A la Carte) include:

1.) 1-1 Discovery and On-Boarding with each Team Member

  • Discuss Movement History
  • Set Movement Goals

2.) Half & Full Day Group Retreats & Team Building Events

Cost: The A la Carte WELLTHY TEAM Services vary in pricing based on the group and the needs of your company. All pricing reflects the time in program design and execution.

Expected ROI: Whether programs are held on site or in a private virtual classroom, you can expect a positive shift in your company culture! Better focus, greater intention, increased productivity, more collaboration, more joy and less sick days! It’s important to note that any shift may take some time, and it requires double-sided investment! I would definitely encourage Leadership to support and encourage all employees to stay committed to their Wellness journey! – Health is WEALTH and the better we feel the more we can achieve!