The focus this week is inspired by the essence of Move Together Yoga – which is TOGETHER. Whether we’d like to acknowledge it or not, we are not spectators and we are not separate. We are in this TOGETHER. In this life we may be on different routes or at different places on that route, but this is a collective experience. Our thoughts, our actions, our words, how we FEEL – not only does it impact us, it impacts the people around us. If we think of our route as going through a canyon, we have an echo that can be heard at great distances and what we send out gets repeated back to us.

The number one priority of Move Together Yoga is to leave you FEELING GOOD! When we feel good we can do good. When we feel good we have more capacity to give. When we feel good, every pursuit, every interaction, every relationship gets better. When we feel good, we can do what we love with who we love for longer. And when YOU feel good, you can step into and share the gift that is YOU! There is only one you. You and your authentic self! And gifts are meant to be given!

So as our hearts begin to sync and we move with love, with compassion, with grace, with understanding, as we FEEL GOOD, that echo down the canyon gets louder, travels further and we hear it again and again. It’s an honor to move with you, and it is powerful when we Move Together!

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Hi! If we haven't had a chance to meet, my name is Cora and I am the founder of Move Together Yoga! I am here to help you discover your strength, believe in yourself, give you the tools for better health, lay the track to live the life you imagine and leave you FEELING GOOD! Feel good. DO good!

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