This week’s focus is inspired by Monday night’s Q&A with breathwork expert Robert VDH.

For the next week, start to notice your breath! The rhythm, how you feel, and the environment you’re in. See if you can SLOW your breath! Lengthen the inhale, extend the exhale. Let that breath travel deep into your belly. Let it move with fluidity! And if you can! BREATHE THROUGH YOUR NOSE!!!!! 

Our breath is a driver for our emotional health, our physical health, it assists in our decision making, impacts the strength of our immune system, plays a large role in digestion, and so much more!! In the words of Robert himself, “when everything feels like it’s spinning out of control – JUST BREATHE. This breath. This moment. You will be okay.”

When will you be getting your breathwork in this week?! Dedicated time? In the transition? Make your practice #sustainable 💯 Let’s Move Together!

Full interview at the below! Audio quality is superb, Video quality is how you would expect whilst streaming from the jungle! 🙂

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