Conviction of Character

I think tolerance has become a bit of a buzz word, and it’s worth considering our non-negotiables. What we tolerate from others is what we tolerate from ourselves. And what we ask out of others, we darn well better be asking out of ourselves.

Quick example: It’s a powerful statement to say “I treat others with respect”, and it’s a tall order to uphold. But if we are unwavering in its importance and unwilling to negotiate when it’s okay to stray from it (“they didn’t respect me”, etc) – it doesn’t mean we don’t slip, but we are a heck of a lot less likely to behave on a conditional basis.

We can give grace, forgiveness, understanding and love (to ourself and others) without tolerating certain things. I think the “anything goes” mentality and fast justification is a bit of a disservice to who we can be. Live your character with strong conviction! Let’s give our best pursuit to be our best self!

Let’s Move Together!

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