Don’t make assumptions…

“Don’t make assumptions” – The 3rd Agreement, The Four Agreements

..”We make all sorts of assumptions because we don’t have the courage to ask questions”…

And I’ll follow it up with when we ask questions, we lack the humility to stand corrected.  Last year I read the book “Talking to Strangers” by Malcom Gladwell.  Fascinating book that laid out historical instances of miscommunication and misunderstanding that lead to very severe repercussions.  The overarching theme of that book was that the pitfall of communication stems from our addiction to being “right”. We are so committed to our assumption and we THINK we know someone better than they know themselves. Leaving us deaf in conversation. 

Focus this week! Find the courage to ask questions! And truly listen with humility!  And on the flip – don’t assume someone knows what you’re thinking! Mind reading isn’t for everyone 😉 we have to say what we want and need!

Give yourself and others the space and the grace to be understood! And regardless of the answer or the response, if we jump back to the second agreement – don’t take it personal!

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