‘Tis the season of giving

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Merry Christmas Week!!

‘Tis the season of giving! – and this week I want you to be sure to give back to yourself as well!

When we care for ourselves we are much more equipped to care for the people around us! When we give to ourselves we have much more capacity to give to the people around us!

Acts of self-care are FAR from selfish! If you need to move, if you need to get outside, if you need to take 5 minutes to breathe, if you want to drink that coffee nice and slow while you read the paper – DO IT!

One of the most generous gifts that we can give to the people in our life is our most present and most engaging self! So take that moment to give back to yourself and then SHOW UP FULLY in your love!

And as my mind hits the page, I’ve got a few extra tidbits! (*not to dampen the mood!)

  1. Let me reiterate the “Selfless Acts of Self Care!” It takes great awareness to recognize when we are in an aggravated state – impatient, likely snippy and entirely unpleasant. It takes great compassion and consideration to make the effort to reset. So step away from feeling bad about it and TAKE THE 5 MINUTES FOR YOU!
  2. And my second bit … on the topic of feeling bad …. Everyone has different holiday traditions. I don’t think it’s uncommon to have the overwhelming feeling of being in high demand. Feeling like you need to be everywhere, feeling like you need to have everything done … feeling GUILTY for not giving equal time to everyone … But the only person who can truly make you feel guilty is YOU. If you know your intention, if you know the honesty of your efforts and if you know your boundaries – then that’s all you can do! It’s flat out impossible to be everywhere at once, so when you’re there BE ALL THERE!


Merry Christmas to you and your family! Wishing you a holiday filled with joy, hugs, LOVE and laughter!



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