Opportunity does not guarantee outcome

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Opportunity does not guarantee outcome.

The opportunity is just that – an opportunity.  Potentially a path of less resistance, potentially getting dealt a good hand, but it doesn’t lock you in to the achievement of anything.

Outcomes, especially long lasting ones, take lacing up the boots DAILY.

If you win the lottery, that doesn’t mean you have wealth. It means you have a lump sum of cash and hopefully you have the diligence and the wherewithal to manage it appropriately.

If you have a great toothbrush and only use it when it sounds fun, best of luck with your oral hygiene.

I think we are often looking for a quick fix to health and fitness. We are looking for that “thing”, that “opportunity” that is going to turn things around for us. 

I may be striking a cord here, but health is not for the lazy and it’s not the fault or responsibility of someone else.  You have to work your tail off to gain it, to maintain it, and to truly make it part of your life.  Buying the supplement, the Kettle Bell, the gym membership …. It’s a good start, but the true transformation is going to come down to YOU.  It comes down to you and your consistency.

*And your consistency doesn’t guarantee a smooth ride either!

One of the many things I love about Yoga is that it truly is a practice of patience, presence and discipline. I think the second you step on your mat you start to FEEL the benefits of it, but just because you stepped on your mat doesn’t mean you’ll be wrapping your leg around your neck today or in a headstand tomorrow.

I have been doing Yoga most of my life and I am still a ways out from advanced inversions. Heck, there is a possibility that I may never do them (and that’s okay!!). But in taking this opportunity to pursue my practice with commitment, with grit and with personal responsibility – I know that I am on a darn good track!

AND! I know that when I hit a speed bump (I repeat! Consistency does not guarantee any level of motivation or smooth sailing!!), I have created habits to navigate back to track!

Let’s say YES to the opportunity and let our consistency lead us to the outcome!

If you’re looking to get on track and stay on track, I invite you to join our community! Online Classes, Online Courses, Workshops, and more – the choice is yours, but support, guidance, accountability, ACCESSIBILITY and FLEXIBILITY sure make a big difference in consistency!!

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