Word for 2022

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A few weeks ago a mentor asked me what my word was for 2022.

What word would describe my intention? What word would capture my vision? What word would I embody this year?

After a great deal of thought, I committed to “FREEDOM”.

I think a lot of us hear the word FREEDOM and we think “no responsibilities”. I stand in hard opposition to that as I believe freedom has immense responsibility.

To me, freedom is when we take responsibility for the things we are responsible for.

The easiest and most relatable example would probably fall under employment. If I do not want to be employed by someone, if I want to make my own schedule – brilliant. There is nothing saying I can’t do it, but I am solely responsible for my livelihood.

If I would like to have more time for x, y and z, I need to take an evaluation and take responsibility for what currently occupies my time.

As of late, it seems common to undervalue the POWER of choices.

This coming year I am making the transition from believing that my dreams are happening to DECIDING that my dreams are happening. I have the CHOICE to live the life I imagine. And I choose FREEDOM.

As with any shift, the external is preceded by the internal!

Freedom lies within our ability to care for ourselves, to be kind to ourselves, to look at ourselves in the mirror with confidence and grace and see strength, possibility, opportunity and gratitude.

When love runs through us, love pours out of us. We are, and will forever be, liberated by love.

Kudos to every person who made the choice TODAY to care for yourself. One choice each day leads to two choices each day, and so on!

Be proud of yourself for taking responsibility for you!

If this word resonates with you, I invite you to adopt it!

Let this year be a year of FREEDOM.

Celebrate what you can do today! Delight in what you will do tomorrow! Let love run through you, let love pour out of you, and DECIDE to live the live you imagine!

Let’s Move Together!

And if you’ve got a different word, please share it! Write it down, leave me a comment – put it out there and go get it!

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