THIS is your biggest liability

In the growth, investment and current standings of your life, are you an asset or a liability? I know that in at least a few previous Weekly Focus blogs I’ve referenced the “traps of the modern world”. The unempowered state of mind is one of them. Much of the messaging that surrounds us lures youContinue reading “THIS is your biggest liability”

Two questions that changed my life

Before I really get going, I’ll give the quick caveat that the last time I took these questions seriously was one of the most transformative years of my life. So as we prepare to turn the page to 2023, I’ll ask you the same two questions I’m asking myself. What do you want MORE of?Continue reading “Two questions that changed my life”

How to NOT be a loser

This week’s focus is inspired by something a professor of mine said last week. He said… If your circle doesn’t inspire you… It’s not your circle. IT’S YOUR CAGE. He poked a bit further asking questions like: WHY have you chosen to surround yourself with the people you have? What pieces of them do youContinue reading “How to NOT be a loser”