How to NOT be a loser

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This week’s focus is inspired by something a professor of mine said last week. He said…

If your circle doesn’t inspire you…

It’s not your circle.


He poked a bit further asking questions like:

WHY have you chosen to surround yourself with the people you have?

What pieces of them do you admire?

What skillset do they offer?

What about their character would you like to emulate?

HOW do they make your life better?

HOW do they make YOU better?

Lifestyle is contagious.

If you’re surrounded by excuses…

By whining…

By low levels of ambition…

By lack of productivity…

If you’re surrounded by conditional morality… that’s morality that only applies when it’s convenient…

If you’re surrounded by people who are unwilling to call you out when you’re acting like a [****]…

Then there’s a high, HIGH likelihood that you’re going to become a [****].

NO ONE is perfect.

And life is littered with slick bananas.

When you step on one, you had better hope that there is someone in your corner to give you a hand or tell you to get up.

People who TRULY love you want you to succeed.

People who truly love you want the very best for you.

People who truly love you will support you, encourage you, fight for you, challenge you and DEMAND absolute excellence from you!

And when you truly love YOURSELF, you’re going to demand absolute excellence from you as well!

You’re going to hold yourself to a higher standard.

You’re going to honor the commitments that you make.

You’re going to remain loyal to your values.

You’re going to give yourself the same care that you would give to the person you love.

Love really does go in both directions! And it’s absolutely proportional.

Love IN = Love OUT

…So now I’m going to turn this thought around for a moment of reflection and ask each one of us…

What do YOU bring to your circle?

Consistency? Compassion? Character? Vision? Problem Solving?

HOW do YOU make the people in your life better?

Each one of us has a duty! We’re here to give our best and hopefully bring more to the people around us!

…and if you’re not sure what you bring to your circle… think about what you WANT to bring…

And start showing up that way! TODAY!

…and if you’re looking around and it looks a bit like a cage… it’s time to break free.

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