You’ve been lied to

you've been lied to

The propaganda ministry lied to you.

They victimized your situation.

They told you it’s because of someone else.

They championed the moments of despair and became silent in moments of joy.

It’s a slippery slope you know…

Believing the lie…

Believing that we have no say in the direction or momentum of our life.

WHAT IF… You refused to outsource your power.

WHAT IF… You took back your ability to think for yourself.

WHAT IF… You restored your ability to create.

WHAT IF… You believed in your ability to generate serious momentum in your life.

We often discredit the power of a single choice.

This week’s focus was inspired by the October Training Programs, namely, the Primal Movement Program.

The sole focus in this morning’s session was MOMENTUM.

Through stiffness, through soreness, through challenge…

When we set our body in motion, it wants to continue.

When we give our intuition permission to lead, it will point us in the direction of truth.

When we make ONE CHOICE that supports the life we want to live – the entire world starts to work for us!

Don’t get overwhelmed with trying to lose 10 pounds overnight, with cleaning the entire house today, or with having the savings to be able to retire tomorrow.

Start with one push up.

Hang your coat on the rack when you come in the door.

Claim back your power and deny the burning urge to submit to retail therapy!

Whatever your story is, it is still being written.

You are one decision away from a completely different life.

Mel Robbins


Let’s have a great week!

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