The secret to walking into any room with confidence

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Guys, you may or may not relate to this one… but ladies! This could very well hit the nail on the head…

Per the usual, I’ll start by asking a couple of questions:

How many times have you cursed your entire closet because nothing is flattering on you?

How many times have you felt so unbelievably defeated while getting ready that you felt like you wanted to cancel your plans?

How many times have you seen a photo of yourself from 3 years ago… 5 years ago… maybe even 10 years ago… and made a comment about “how great you used to look”?

But then! As soon as that comment comes out of your mouth, you have a bit of a come-to moment because you realize that back in that photo you felt the same dissatisfaction with yourself then, that you’re feeling right now!

It makes you want to shake yourself.

What the heck were you ever complaining about?! 

….You just wish you would have appreciated yourself back then…

I’m bringing this up because I think we’ve managed to put the “fit and healthy body” in a box.

Essentially, we’ve married the visual and divorced the utility.

We’ve become obsessed with visual perfection and have devalued physical output.

Here’s the thing:

Life has seasons. 

Responsibilities change.

And if your confidence and self-worth purely comes down to the size of your jeans or your bench press at the gym, you’re going to spend most of your life missing out on you.

In this particular season of life, a minivan might be more functional than a sports car…

This week, I invite you to open your eyes to your utility.

Celebrate what you CAN DO!

Moms, grandmas, aunties – if you’re able to get on the floor and crawl around with your kids, you ought to be patting yourself on the back.

Athletes – if your stamina and your energy levels are up while you’re competing, you’re way ahead of the game and this is a massive HOO-RAH!

Home owners, grocery shoppers, folks who love to recreate – if you’re able to keep up with your house work, if you can sling a bag of dog food over your shoulder and not throw your back out, if you’re able to do what you love with who you love…

Right here and now, it is time to celebrate you!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a sports car, and if that’s what you’re driving – be so very proud of it!

But if you are driving a minivan – do not, for one second, discredit the fact that you’re rollin’ with all-wheel drive, you’ve got some get up and go, you can haul all the kids, and you’ve got the means and the mileage to get from A to B, all the way to Z!

Celebrate what you CAN DO!

If you do this, I guarantee that when you look in the mirror, you’re going to start to say DAMN, I kinda like what I’m driving!

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