Today marks my 100th…

This is NOT the start of a challenge. This is NOT a message from me telling you what you “should be doing”. This is simply an invitation to you. And I’d like to provide what I think to be a very pertinent interjection that I have never, and will never, put forth a Weekly FocusContinue reading “Today marks my 100th…”

The secret to walking into any room with confidence

Guys, you may or may not relate to this one… but ladies! This could very well hit the nail on the head… Per the usual, I’ll start by asking a couple of questions: How many times have you cursed your entire closet because nothing is flattering on you? How many times have you felt soContinue reading “The secret to walking into any room with confidence”

How to NOT be a loser

This week’s focus is inspired by something a professor of mine said last week. He said… If your circle doesn’t inspire you… It’s not your circle. IT’S YOUR CAGE. He poked a bit further asking questions like: WHY have you chosen to surround yourself with the people you have? What pieces of them do youContinue reading “How to NOT be a loser”

Discipline is Self Love

Discipline is arguably one of the greatest acts of self love. It takes discipline to stay on course when our circumstances or our emotions would lead us elsewhere. It takes discipline to create and maintain healthy habits. It takes discipline to reach goals. It takes discipline to live the life you imagine. Love yourself enough to BEContinue reading “Discipline is Self Love”