If you’re over the age of 30…

WARNING: If you’re over the age of 30 you may be triggered by this week’s Weekly Focus. … In the last of couple years, I have heard a number of phrases on repeat: “When I was your age…” “You just wait until you get older…” “I’m just not as young as I used to be…”Continue reading “If you’re over the age of 30…”

Laws of the Universe

Headlines often suggest that things just “poof” happen overnight. A record gets set. Someone files for divorce. Someone drops a few pounds. Someone gains a lot of pounds. One person is flexing their finances. The other is filing for bankruptcy. There’s an insinuation that things came completely from left field.  The problem with this isContinue reading “Laws of the Universe”

Do you stand up in the wind?

In a recent interview, I was asked “what’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?” I had to chew on this for a minute… but as I began thinking about it, I realized that the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is to relentlessly ask me WHY. …And then allow meContinue reading “Do you stand up in the wind?”

Today marks my 100th…

This is NOT the start of a challenge. This is NOT a message from me telling you what you “should be doing”. This is simply an invitation to you. And I’d like to provide what I think to be a very pertinent interjection that I have never, and will never, put forth a Weekly FocusContinue reading “Today marks my 100th…”

THIS is your biggest liability

In the growth, investment and current standings of your life, are you an asset or a liability? I know that in at least a few previous Weekly Focus blogs I’ve referenced the “traps of the modern world”. The unempowered state of mind is one of them. Much of the messaging that surrounds us lures youContinue reading “THIS is your biggest liability”

Two questions that changed my life

Before I really get going, I’ll give the quick caveat that the last time I took these questions seriously was one of the most transformative years of my life. So as we prepare to turn the page to 2023, I’ll ask you the same two questions I’m asking myself. What do you want MORE of?Continue reading “Two questions that changed my life”

Lessons from a lion

Why is it that as we age we are less likely to try new things?  There seems to be an actual turning point to which our risk tolerance, spontaneity and ability to break existing habits begins to decline.  And maybe I ought to reframe my first question because I don’t truly believe it’s an “age-thing”.Continue reading “Lessons from a lion”

You’ve been lied to

The propaganda ministry lied to you. They victimized your situation. They told you it’s because of someone else. They championed the moments of despair and became silent in moments of joy. It’s a slippery slope you know… Believing the lie… Believing that we have no say in the direction or momentum of our life. WHATContinue reading “You’ve been lied to”

Working IN to discover what’s within

Two weeks ago I said that life IS fair and encouraged us to recognize the patterns that exist in our life that so fairly and so generously give us repeated opportunity for growth. Last week I said that the life we are living is the life we have created and encouraged us to take ownershipContinue reading “Working IN to discover what’s within”