If you’re over the age of 30…

WARNING: If you’re over the age of 30 you may be triggered by this week’s Weekly Focus. … In the last of couple years, I have heard a number of phrases on repeat: “When I was your age…” “You just wait until you get older…” “I’m just not as young as I used to be…”Continue reading “If you’re over the age of 30…”

Doubt’s Kryptonite

The pursuit of anything worthwhile is, in large part, a war against doubt. All of us are fighting the same fight. All of us have doubts. Doubt we can become great.  Doubt of what is actually possible to achieve.  … Irrefutably, doubt can be quite the opponent. It’s insidious and creeping.  Thick and poisonous.  LikeContinue reading “Doubt’s Kryptonite”

Laws of the Universe

Headlines often suggest that things just “poof” happen overnight. A record gets set. Someone files for divorce. Someone drops a few pounds. Someone gains a lot of pounds. One person is flexing their finances. The other is filing for bankruptcy. There’s an insinuation that things came completely from left field.  The problem with this isContinue reading “Laws of the Universe”