Laws of the Universe

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Headlines often suggest that things just “poof” happen overnight.

A record gets set.

Someone files for divorce.

Someone drops a few pounds.

Someone gains a lot of pounds.

One person is flexing their finances.

The other is filing for bankruptcy.

There’s an insinuation that things came completely from left field. 

The problem with this is that it sits counter to one of the most fundamental laws of the universe:


Like it or not, there is a bread trail that leads to every bit of life that we are currently living.

Anyone who has ever played competitive sports will tell you that you don’t win by accident.

And you certainly don’t lose by accident either.

Some folks reading this may want some THING to be different.

And I would strongly encourage you to WANT.

Wanting shapes our dreams, fires up our will-power and gives us the hope required to persevere across some very difficult terrain.

But in order to HAVE, there has to be congruence between wants and choices.

Great success will ALWAYS come at a cost.

And extraordinary output will NEVER come by way of average input.

So take a look at your bread trail and decide where you want to go.

YOU are the CAUSE. And YOU create the EFFECT.

The laws of the universe are on your side!

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