Two questions that changed my life

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Before I really get going, I’ll give the quick caveat that the last time I took these questions seriously was one of the most transformative years of my life.

So as we prepare to turn the page to 2023, I’ll ask you the same two questions I’m asking myself.

What do you want MORE of?

And what do you want LESS of?

Previous transformation aside, I ask these questions for a few reasons.

The first of which being – repetition is reinforcement.

Words put pictures into your mind.

Pictures in your mind impact how you feel.

How you feel impacts what you do.

And what you habitually do, impacts your destiny.

Joshua Medcalf

We are always the builders of our own house.

Carelessly lay the bricks and the house is likely to lean.

The second of which is energy allocation.

It doesn’t matter the size of your tank, when the vehicle is running the fuel gage will inevitably go down.

Every mile is a contributor, but not every mile brings you closer to your destination.

I love the questions of MORE and LESS because there’s no way to increase abundance or trim the fat without perspicacity and deliberate action.

I will never grow my network by waiting for my network to come to me.

I will never heighten my motivation by surrounding myself with lack of it.

I will never mitigate my pain by continuing to scratch the wound.

I will never live the life that I imagine by refusing to take responsibility for every single piece of it.

If you want different, you must be willing to DO different.

If more self-confidence, more self-respect, more gratitude, more grit and more moments of FEELING GOOD is on your list – then I invite you to join Move Together Yoga!

This practice moves SO FAR beyond the movement!

And when you invest in becoming your best, the world gets better!

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