Why most people AREN’T living a great life

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I could probably base every Weekly Focus off one of my grandpa’s many words of wisdom, but there’s one in particular that has been heavy on my mind this week…

My grandpa used to say “TODAY is going to be a great day”, and when anyone asked “how do you know?”, he’d simply reply “because I’ve already decided.”

Greatness isn’t for the chosen few, it’s for the few who choose.

In order to have great relationships, you must CHOOSE to have great relationships.

In order to have great experiences, you must CHOOSE to have great experiences.

In order to have great health, you must CHOOSE to have great health.

In order to have a great life, you must CHOOSE to have a great life.

I think GREAT usually gets seen only in the glory of its sparkle. 

But behind the greatness of anything is a lot of dirty, hard, consistent and conscious work.

Everyone wants to be great… until it’s time to do what greatness requires.

We often talk about the big picture, while conveniently putting the small picture in our blindspot. 

However, it’s the small, habitual decisions that have the power to completely change the trajectory of our life. 

The big picture is truly a game of inches.

And over the right amount of time, there isn’t a distance in the universe that inches can’t cover.

Sometimes a great relationship means giving an apology when you don’t feel like it, and sometimes it means having the courage to defend your boundaries when they’re being encroached.

Sometimes a great experience means changing the language you use to describe it, and sometimes it means giving it the ole full-send and allowing yourself to be uncomfortable or even god-awful at something!

Sometimes great health means relentlessly exploring new ways to move until you find a movement that you fall in love with, and ALL OF THE TIME it means connecting with yourself and your world so that you can live and experience life more fully.

And from the greatest man I’ve ever known, a great life means CHOOSING to have a great day TODAY.

So I ask each one of us, are you willing to do what greatness requires?

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