THIS is your biggest liability

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In the growth, investment and current standings of your life, are you an asset or a liability?

I know that in at least a few previous Weekly Focus blogs I’ve referenced the “traps of the modern world”.

The unempowered state of mind is one of them.

Much of the messaging that surrounds us lures you to point the finger.

Much of the messaging that surrounds us insists that you outsource your thoughts, your behaviors, and your ability to ask and answer your own questions.

Much of the messaging that surrounds us encourages you to be a passenger on the path of your destiny.

So I am curious…

Without jumping to the defensive or prefacing with an explanation, do YOU believe that YOU have influence on your own life?

Yes or no?

I’ve witnessed a lot of comradery and belonging in words like “tired”, “unmotivated”, “have to” or “afraid to”.

These are VERY REAL feelings, but the identity and INACTION that is adopted by choosing to have them on repeat is a poison to your mind and an absolute liability in your life.

Physical actions will yield an emotional response.

Whether it’s right now, or the next time you’re feeling tired, unmotivated, stuck or afraid, I would encourage you to start by taking one full breath…

Sit or stand up a little bit taller.

Lift your eyes above the horizon.

If you can muster up a smile, let the corners of your mouth turn up!

Take a stance of that of which you want to embody.

DECIDE on the posture of your life!

Your peace, your POWER, your possibility and your FREEDOM starts with you.

Every challenge that you face, you have it WITHIN you to overcome it.

Every goal that you are going after, you have it WITHIN you to achieve it.

Your state of mind is your biggest liability, and it is also your greatest asset.


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