What you aren’t changing – you’re choosing.

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I recently listened to a thought-provoking podcast about the power that lies within asking for what you want and how it impacts your ability to create the life you imagine.

If I haven’t already mentioned – I’m a podcast junkie!

In all honesty, ASKING is always something that I have struggled with. Be it guilt for potentially burdening someone else, having someone feel obligated to answer a certain way, maybe there is some ego involved in receiving help, and I know that in certain situations, I just don’t want to get an answer that I don’t want!

Something as simple as asking someone to hold a door if my hands are full almost makes my stomach ball up in knots.

Even as I recognize that I have marginalized opportunity and connection with this trait, I can’t say that I have made any tremendous strides in turning the page.

Amidst the podcast conversation, the host said “What you aren’t changing – you’re choosing”.

POW! This one landed! Spot on.

I thought about my ability to ASK because that was the big kicking topic, but I can think of so many places in my life that this resonates.

Some things, I like the way they are – so I am choosing to stick with it! Other things, I think I need a swift kick in the butt and a reminder that every time I operate the way that I have been, I am choosing to get the results that I have been.

In order to live the life we imagine, we have to give ourselves permission to evolve. This season of life, this pursuit, this particular chapter may require something different.

There is more brilliance, magic, strength and ability to blossom within ourselves than we can even imagine. How lucky are we to be on this beautiful journey of becoming? And how liberating is it to know that we have the ability to choose.

What we aren’t changing – we’re choosing.

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