Increase your success in ACHIEVING your goals

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What is your rate of success for achieving your goals?

It’s safe to say that most of us do not suffer from an inability to come up with something that sounds good or think of something that “we ought to do”.

Speaking personally, I have and have had ALL KINDS of ideas of things I’m going to do. From nutrition, to picking up and mastering a new skill, to integrating some habit into my life – you name it, it’s probably crossed my mind. I have new ideas every single day.

Case in point, in our previous Movement Challenge I had an idea that I was going to sprint hills twice a week (because it’s FREAKING hard and I wanted it to get easier) and I was going to read 10 pages before bed (because brain food is delicious).

I had the idea. I had “reason” for doing it. Nevertheless, hill sprints fell off the map after two weeks, blame it on a few days of icy conditions; and it only took one super late night to have book reading go by the wayside. I didn’t have too much emotion associated with either one of these goals sailing off into the abyss because no one knew that that’s what I was doing and there wasn’t any incentive to get back in the saddle because I was already onto the next great idea.

I took a poll amongst our community last week asking folks which factor yielded highest rate of success for them. Was it setting a goal, having guidance/a plan, having accountability or receiving consistent encouragement? Over 50% of our community said they are most successful when they have accountability.

And boyyyy doesn’t that ring true?!

In a recent study from the American Society of Training and Development, the research shows that:

The probability of achieving a goal if you HAVE AN IDEA = 10%

The probability of achieving a goal if you DECIDE YOU WILL DO IT = 40%

The probability of achieving a goal if you MAKE A PLAN TO DO IT = 50%

The probability of achieving a goal if you PROMISE SOMEONE ELSE YOU’LL DO IT = 65%


Not only does accountability make a difference, with accountability there is only a 5% chance of not achieving your goal!

It starts with an idea, the idea calls for a decision, the decision takes a plan, the plan works best when someone else knows about it, and when you make an appointment to CHECK IN with that person throughout the course of the plan … there is essentially no stopping you!

…. Want to put it to the test??

Here’s an idea – 30 minutes of movement each day for 30 days. AKA the Move Together Yoga Movement Challenge.

May 1 – May 30. Are you in? – SIGN UP.

Now, get out that calendar and write MOVEMENT in for every day in May! – use pen.

Next, look your friend, your child or your spouse in the eyes and let them know that you are moving for 30 minutes each day, every day of May – and that’s a promise!

And lastly, head to our facebook group (you received the link when you signed up!). introduce yourself and COMMIT to this community! This group is here for you, this group is moving WITH YOU, this group will see you, this group will know if you’re showing up! … or if you’re not! And if it’s the latter – we may just come knockin! 😉

I’m taking this moment to be accountable to as many people as I can! – Here to say that I AM IN for the Move Together Movement Challenge! AND I am reading 10 pages each day of this challenge!

I know, you’re probably thinking “where are the hill sprints, sissy?!” 🙂 Second tip of setting goals! Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many and START with the lowest hanging fruit! Achievement of one will fuel achievement of the next!

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