The root of happiness

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A mentor of mine once said “if you don’t know what happiness is, how will you know when it arrives”…

If we haven’t said it ourselves, I’m sure we’ve heard someone else say – “I just want to be happy.”

It’s valid… but it’s quite vague.

I’ve shared this in a previous weekly focus, but one of the best definitions I’ve ever heard is that happiness is how you feel about yourself when you’re by yourself without the reflection, the mirror, the judgment or the validation of others.

This week I encourage you to tap a little bit deeper into your heart. Take some time to BE WITH YOURSELF! Where there is hurt, invite healing. Where there is anger, invite peace. Where there is resentment, invite forgiveness. Where there is LOVE, invite MORE LOVE.

As you move throughout this week, give yourself grace, express gratitude out loud and often, make a commitment to honesty, and give yourself permission to be you!

Our happiness grows from within. Our world is a reflection of our heart. What we feel, we attract. And what runs through us POURS out of us!

The present moment always provides the opportunity to be the most powerful moment in our life. 

Take advantage of RIGHT NOW and let your happiness be contagious!

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