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Wow – I am still on such a buzzing high from last week’s FREE Virtual Health Summit where we had 5 jam-packed days of Guided Movement, Magnetic Mindset Training and LIVE talks with Health Experts. So much WISOM, love and light shared! And so many great things to take away!

Although the summit is complete, you can still catch the talks with each expert on my @movetogetheryoga Instagram page!

On Day 3 of the summit I spoke about mindset in conjunction with movement.

More specifically, I spoke about Yoga, about Move Together Yoga, about the difference between working out versus working IN, and HOW the yoga practice moves so far beyond the movement.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to dive a bit deeper and really start to unpack some of my talk. Which leads me to this week’s focus!

Something I said about halfway through is that life IS fair.

Contrary to popular opinion, I do believe that life is fair. Life is so dang generous to us in the way that it repeatedly delivers opportunity.

…And not just random opportunity – the SAME opportunity.

In yogic philosophy there is a term called SAMSKARA. Samskara basically refers to the patterns in our life – the mental, emotional and physical cycles that make up our conditioning.

We are undeniably creatures of habit, and the repetition of thought and behavior (the repetition of these samskaras) only reinforces them.

Samskaras can be positive or negative.  The person who finds the silver-lining and is willing to lend a helping hand is in a positive pattern of optimism and generosity. Whereas the person with poor self-talk and low self-esteem is in a negative pattern of self-destruction – standing in their own way of their own positive evolution.


And awareness upgrades our ability to intelligently question ourselves.

I think it’s common to say things like “story of my life” or “why does this keep happening”.

Well… What is the story of your life? What things do keep happening? Where are you continually filled up? What interaction can you not seem to shake? Is the fight you have with someone the fight you keep having? Is the style of relationship you have the style of relationship you keep having? How do you spend your money? What attempts do you make to grow your money?

This week I encourage us to recognize our patterns.

…Maybe even ask what our patterns can tell us!

Like alchemists in our own transformation, we continually have the opportunity to reinforce, refine or redirect our samskara into a healthier design – how good is life and how fair is life to give us yet another opportunity?!

It definitely takes bit more “work” to truly make sound and sustainable changes, but awareness is certainly a great place to start!

P.S. If you’re busy telling yourself that life is unfair and that everything is happening TO you – expect to stay right where you’re at.

Every weekly focus is shared from a place of love and deep humility!

Last week I had an interaction that really left me feeling sour. I didn’t like how it went, and to be honest, I felt sad, defensive and a bit sorry for myself. I actually called my sister and said it out loud: “Do I have amnesia or what? Why do I keep thinking this is going to go differently?”.

And right there in my self pity I said hello to the weekly focus!

Amnesia and unawareness has been creating this pattern.

My compass hasn’t landed on true North just yet – I’m not sure if this interaction requires a different tactic or the wherewithal to retire attempts and allow energy to flow elsewhere.

In either case, the recognition of my pattern leaves me slightly more welcoming of my next opportunity to head it! …..*slightly 😉

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