The life you are living is the life you have created

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In my FREE Health Summit live talk (playback available on my @movetogetheryoga instagram), I started by asking a couple questions. I asked us to think about a time that we had a tough day at work and we came home and snapped at someone we loved… I asked us to think about a time we were driving on the freeway, someone cut us off and before we knew it we were 2 inches from their bumper with our finger out the window…

Prior to the incident, how did we feel? Were we already on edge? Did someone strike a chord that we didn’t know existed?

Going one step further, think about some of the nastiness you’ve read from the online keyboard warriors… heck, maybe you’ve been one of them yourself… think about some of the recent things taking place in the world….

Do you think these things come from inner peace? Do you think ourselves or anyone involved who lays their head down on their pillow at night truly feels good about themselves? Do you think they feel connected? Or is the world just happening to them and the only thing to do is react react react?

I think between the noisiness of the world, the stressors of daily life, the roads blocks WE BUILD and the wounds WE CHOOSE to keep open, we can start to feel insignificant, separate and apathetic.

We can feel distant from ourselves, from our relationships and from our dreams.

But if there was anything that I hope you took away from my Health Summit talk, and from this week’s focus it’s that YOU ARE THE ARCHER OF YOUR DECISIONS.

In each moment, each one of us draws back our ARROW OF CHOICE. And each time that we release that arrow, we can either be propelled towards the life we imagine, loyal to who we want to be, or enslaved to an unconscious reality and a victim of our own behavior.

Our thoughts, our words, our actions, our pursuits and how we choose to treat ourselves are so much more than a drop in the bucket.

We are in this life TOGETHER and if we want to make a difference in the world, we need to make a difference in ourselves first.

Last week I talked a bit about AWARENESS, about it being the prerequisite for change, about setting the intention for awareness, and really working to become aware of the patterns that exist in our life – this life that is truly so fair and so generous to give us repeated opportunities for growth!

Keeping in line with awareness and choices – THIS WEEK put on your captain’s hat, take ownership and switch the lens. Remain loyal to who you want to be, and be propelled towards the life you imagine.

Maybe the boss that spoke to you condescendingly just opened the door for you to advocate for yourself.

Maybe the person that pulled out in front of you put today’s exercise of patience and forgiveness on a silver spoon.

Maybe the urge you felt to be nasty with your words revealed a wound that needs healing… maybe you were already nasty with your words and an apology is in order.

Maybe the lousy feeling you got after saying yes to something is an indication that it’s not in alignment with you.

I said this in my talk, but our yes has very little power until we learn to say no.

And once we realize that THE LIFE WE ARE LIVING IS THE LIFE WE HAVE CREATED – we are going to feel a heck of a lot more freedom to point it in the direction we choose!

**I’m going to seize this moment for a quick yoga plug! … and I’ll talk a lot more about this next week… but when we connect breath and movement and start to develop awareness of mind and body, we start to acknowledge this personal freedom!  We start to acknowledge our position at the helm of our decision making – knowing that we have the privilege and the responsibility to make choices that SUPPORT who we want to be and the life we want to live!

Your peace, your power, your possibility and your freedom lies within you.

It’s time to cinch up the captain’s hat because the life you are living is the life you have created!

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